Special Guest Race Report by Mike Abraham

The Roxbury Mile - #2

Some runners dread it. Some outright avoid it. While it may have had the feel of a high school PE class, nearly everyone in the field of 46 runners had a look of pride once finished. Once again, the race was divided into two heats.

Conspicuous among the absent were the Almost Never Absent Scott Benjamin (another commitment this morn), regular beat writer Mary Shaffer, Iron Horse John Adomelis and series strongman Jeff Sheldon. Jeff’s absence might have provided a window of opportunity for his usual pursuers but Hot Wheels Desmond O’Grady got the morning off from work, clocked a smooth 5:04, and bested Chris Deming’s strong (5:19) effort. For Chris it was really only a mile out of about 100 that he’ll probably run this week, so he likely won’t lose any sleep over it.

Among the women, Theresa Krebs proved she can cover a range of distances by posting a strong 6:33 finish in the first heat. For the second straight week, TK bested someone without a driver’s license, this time twelve-year old Kateri Danay who turned in a very impressive 6:46! In fact, some half-dozen pre-teens tore up the course. (See results at bottom!!)

The second heat of the race provided excitement as well. For a while things looked close between series director Bob Lewis and Crystal Koenig. But somewhere around the library, Bob decided to put the hammer down and won the heat by 14 seconds with a 6:54.

All in all, the slightly lower turnout could be felt as the only real spectators along the way were a group of construction workers who looked a bit bewildered at the ensemble of runners, strollers and other supporting cast that is the RRR series. As always thanks to Corinne, Amanda, Chris, Larry and those who helped with the finish.

Roxbury resident Cara Abraham ran her first Roxbury race, pushing son Wylden. Nice job Cara! You should turn the tables and punish Mike with endless post-race analysis.

Conspiracy Uncovered
Upon realizing that points leader Jeff Sheldon was absent, nearest rivals Mark LoSacco and Mike Abraham contemplated recruiting a large party of children from the playground to run the race “just for fun”. Spiritual Advisor Brian Vanderheiden gave his full blessing to the plan, but time proved too short (as were some of the kids). Needless to say, Mark and Mike are looking for other opps.

Thoughts on the Mile
Run it! Yes, it can feel a bit painful and conventional wisdom treats sprinting as something for kids. But just as it is important to incorporate long runs, it can be very beneficial to include a regimen of speed work - regardless of one’s age – in training. Speed work can take place on the track (check out the beautiful too little used track at Shepaug), or on the road (Upper County, Bacon Road, the Pinney Trail at Steep Rock). It can be for distance (ladders such as an 800, 1200, 800, 400 or timed intervals (telephone pole to telephone pole), and it can be fun. Best of all, you can get a good workout in a short amount of time. So don’t wait until next year’s mile to start getting ready!

Race Results

Roxbury Race Series 2010 - Race #26 - August 28 - Roxbury Mile II
place name age time pace per mile
1 Desmond O'Grady 30 5.04  
2 Chris Deming 43 5.19  
3 Brian Vanderheiden 40 5.21  
4 Mark LoSacco 41 5.24  
5 Nelson Azevodo 51 5.30  
6 Mike Abraham 51 5.43  
7 Chris LaCava 36 5.53  
8 Chuck Rocca 39 5.57  
9 Jeff Tindell 60 6.07  
10 Eric Koenig 30 6.10  
11 Mike Matthews 47 6.11  
12 Russ Pribanic 56 6.14  
13 Mark Zerbe 50 6.15  
14 Larry Deming  53 6.16  
15 John Critelli 49 6.18  
16 Chris Zarzycki 54 6.21  
17 Jeff Bishop 29 6.32  
18 Bruce Goulart 60 6.33  
19 Theresa Krebs  41 6.33  
20 Ross Levy   6.34  
21 Ed Wolfe 12 6.38  
22 Kateri Danay 12 6.46  
23 Bob Lewis 46 6.54  
24 Cynthia Shaw 41 7.05  
25 Krystal (Rajcok) Koenig 27 7.08  
26 Eric Zoldy 10 7.17  
27 Cody Jordan 10 7.30  
28 Emily Davis 26 7.30  
29 Ethan Zoldy 10 7.53  
30 Janet Levy 56 7.55  
31 Colin Mariani 10 7.56  
32 Keith Dupree 67 8.12  
33 Jim Little 56 8.16  
34 Joseph Danay 48 8.17  
35 Charlie Euston 66 8.39  
36 Stephanie Jordan 45 8.51  
37 Lucy Mariani 12 9.30  
38 David Mariani 46 9.32  
39 Cara Abraham 37 9.38  
40 Amanda Deming 12 9.47  
41 Lee Anne Zarger  56 9.53  
42 Joy Danay 44 11.00  
43 Marissa Bishop 29 11.12  

If anyone has photos of the races, send 'em to chris (at) beatfrequencies (dot) com and I'll try to put them up here on these pages...

Roxbury Race Results (Temporary)