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Roxbury Races Report

A gorgeous spring morning presented itself for the Larry Kershnar Mid-spring Challenge--the 4.3 mile Highbridge to River Roads. Our race course passed over River Road just before the road crew got to work. This week's winners, Jeff Sheldon in 26:18 and Mary Schafer in 32:50, took home fabulous prizes. Overheard at the starting line: "Who is that?" "I don't know, it looks like Jeff, but with those bare arms I can't be sure." Thanks to Dirk for documenting everyone's pain at the finish line. See the photos on FB.

A small turnout this week which leads this writer to one conclusion: cheapskates, all of you. Though we did hear through the grapevine that there were a few conflicting events. Hint: if you were running another race on Saturday, please send a race report, a la LeeAnne (see below). Chuck finally had the nerve to come back this week, after recovering from an insidious bathroom tiling accident. Long story short, crushed nerves result when you don't have the proper tools for the job. And really, why retile a bathroom that won't appreciate it anyway? John sported some impressive bandages on his forehead, but luckily there was no brain damage. And you should see what happened to the other guy. Nice run by Jeff B who crushed it up the final hills.

Delaware Trail Marathon race report from LeeAnne: "Put on by a running group called Trail Dawgs- this was a really pretty course in White Clay Creek State Park in Newark Delaware. Believe it or not, there are hills in Delaware, as we(Charlie Euston- did the half) and I(did the whole) found out! This was my first trail marathon and hopefully not my last. I don't even know what my time was except it is a bit over 8 hours. Really great medal, shirt and coffee mug. Nice people. Well organized(this was especially important as there was also a 5K, and 10K and some people did a half, 10K, and 5K for an event called Triple Crown, otherwise known as Triple Death). I would really recommend this one and it came highly recommended to me by other Roxbury runners who have run it in past years. We had no injuries although I could not stand up straight until 2 pm today due to lower back stiffness and soreness. I hope some others will tell about their races. We had a regular column like this in my running club in N.J."

Hear that slackers??? LeeAnne says send in your race reports! I know you ran Boston and Gansett Marathons, Southbury race, and Leathermans.

Finally, a message from Dirk Feather:

Hi Everyone, As you may have heard I have been training for a marathon for the last 4 months. You may not have heard why. I am raising money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to help find a cure. My sister in-law Sarah is losing the fight with cancer and this is the best way that I thought I could help as they live so far away. As of this morning I have raised $3194.40 toward my goal of $5000.00. Every donation helps fund innovative cancer research and puts a smile on Sarahs face.

Click this link or copy and paste into your browser to donate. http://www.rundanafarber.org/2011/dirkfeather I will be at the Roxbury race next Saturday if folks prefer to donate by check. You can follow Sarahs blog here: http://carcinista.com/

Thank you in advance,
Dirk Feather

P.S. Anyone can apply to Dana Farbers Boston Marathon program. So if you want to run Boston and can't qualify this is one more opportunity.

Look forward to seeing everyone next week for the (free!) 4.2 mile Hemlock/Ranney combo. See you there!

Race Results

Roxbury Race Series 2011 - Race #11 - April 30 - 4.3 miles - High Bridge to River
Larry Kershnar MidSpring Challenge
place name age time pace per mile
1 Jeff Sheldon 31 26.18 6.07
2 Louis Garguilo 33 27.33 6.24
3 Pete Scannell 26 27.37 6.25
4 Pete Gillen 28 28.06 6.32
5 Mike Abraham 51 29.00 6.45
6 Kevin McCullough 46 29.48 6.56
7 Chuck Rocca 38 30.27 7.05
8 Eric Koenig 31 30.38 7.07
9 Joe Dolen 56 30.39 7.08
10 Steve Cognato 43 30.57 7.12
11 John A. Adomelis 56 31.26 7.19
12 Nate Mahrer 39 31.48 7.24
13 Larry Deming 53 32.09 7.29
14 Ross Levy 60 32.12 7.29
15 Tony DaSilva 48 32.13 7.30
16 Jeffrey Bishop 30 32.41 7.36
17 Mary Schafer 36 32.50 7.38
18 John Kane 59 33.16 7.44
19 Steve 33 33.46 7.51
20 Steve Lauben 45 33.54 7.53
21 Stephanie Bennett 41 34.00 7.54
22 Blake Carrigan 10 34.39 8.03
23 Peter Tep   34.46 8.05
24 Bill Euerle 66 34.56 8.07
25 Ryan Carrigan 42 35.33 8.16
26 Bob Lewis 46 35.37 8.17
27 Krystal Koenig 28 35.40 8.18
28 Kim Cognato 42 35.43 8.18
29 Lynn Zuback 45 36.00 8.22
30 Emily Davis 26 36.12 8.25
31 Scott Benjamin 53 36.28 8.29
32 Whitney Goodman 28 36.58 8.36
33 Cathy Racz 46 37.07 8.38
34 Dan Lynch 49 37.23 8.42
35 Bob Satterlee 62 38.37 8.59
36 Dan Ambruso 41 38.46 9.01
37 Mario Hasz 62 38.58 9.04
38 Kateri Danay 13 39.14 9.07
39 Keith Dupree 68 39.35 9.12
40 Kathy Creighton 54 40.02 9.19
41 Wendy Carlson   40.43 9.28
42 Janet Levy 57 42.06 9.47
43 Jim Little 57 43.07 10.02
44 Marissa Bishop 29 52.39 12.15

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