How the Prestigious Roxbury Points are calculated.

Updated March 16, 2019

In each eligible race, the number of finishers, including those people running or walking an alternate course, is used as a base for everyone's points that day.

Everyone gets 5 points just for finishing.

The remainder of your points depends on your finishing place in the race. You get 1 point for every finisher you beat.

Your Points = Total Number of Finishers + 5 - Your Place

So, if there are 74 finishers, and you win the race, your points are 74 + 5 - 1 = 78. If you finish in 10th place, your points are 74 + 5 - 10 = 69.

For placing and points purposes, all those finishers who complete an alternate course are placed after all those that finish the official course, regardless of distance or time. Among the alternate course finishers, the places are determined by sorting in order of decreasing distance and increasing time whenever distances and times are known.

The following races are not eligible for points: Thanksgiving Race, Roxbury Marathon, Half-Marathon, un-timed fun runs, last race of the year (season awards ceremony).

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